GreenLane’s 2018 Board of Directors:

Robin Forster, Board Co-Chair


Robin Forster is owner and CEO of the FeelSoAlive Team, who have partnered with a leader in the green movement for over 50 years, the Shaklee Corporation.
Robin’s past work included her passion of working with troubled youth for over 20 years. She was fortunate enough to work in different arenas, including juvenile corrections as a trainer, as a teacher and as a counselor. Robin Forster is an entrepreneur who loves helping others to live a healthier life, a softer-on-the-planet lifestyle, to raise healthy babies and provide financial support for herself and the non-profits she cares about. Robin took the Lane County Master Recycling course in the spring of 2012, after joining GreenLane Sustainable Business Network. She earned her Master’s Degree in Special Education, and her Bachelor’s Degree in Planning, Public Policy and Management. She has two grown children and has been married to Rick Albin for over 18 years.

Susan Quash-Mah, Board Co-Chair








Tamarack Aquatic Center

Susan Quash-Mah, Ph.D., has been the Non-Profit Manager at Tamarack Aquatic Center since 2011. She has owns The Polished Word, LLC, since 1992 and consults with non-profits, businesses, and child welfare in the areas of collaboration, change, cultural intelligence, and systems development, as well as doing academic editing. She is an avid recycler who was raised by a father who practiced organic farming in the 1950s. A native Oregonian, Susan has lived in the Eugene/Springfield area since 1972 and is committed to responsible citizenship through grassroots action.

Craig Runyon, Events Committee Co-Chair









PIVOT Architecture

Craig handles marketing and business development for PIVOT Architecture in Eugene, with previous careers in journalism and graphic design leading him to his current profession. His first foray into sustainability was as a teenager establishing a recycling program in his house before curbside pickup was available. He is always seeking to find ways to improve sustainability efforts both personally and professionally. Craig was instrumental in getting PIVOT’S office BRING RE:Think certified and implementing Love Food Not Waste’s composting program.

Paul Schwartzberg, Board Member, Events Committee Chair


Born and raised in Minneapolis, Paul is a product of the Twin Cities’ punk scene of the early ’80s. Paul has been a long time broadcast professional, including eight years as the owner/operator of KNND in Cottage Grove. He has also managed a deli, worked in the industrial noise control industry and was the Membership Director for the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce prior to taking his current position as Development Director at public radio station KRVM.

John Gustafson, Treasurer

Isler C.P.A.

Jeannie Sterry, Board Member

First Interstate Bank

Jeannie Sterry is a Professional Banking Officer with First Interstate Bank in Eugene. She works with companies and organizations to manage liquidity and mitigate operational and financial risk. She has been in banking for 25 years and dreamed of being in banking since she was a little girl.

Jeannie grew up in an environment that didn’t allow an opportunity for or focus on recycling and sustainability, and learned more about this upon meeting her husband. Now Jeannie is an avid recycler and searches for way to create more sustainability every day in business and in her personal life.
Jeannie grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii and came to the Northwest in 1989. She has since started a family and enjoys being outdoors with her husband and son as much as possible.

Judi Lamb, Board Member








Northwest Exposures Photography

Judi’s passion for sustainability began with her experience of the first Earth Day celebration in Spring of 1970 when she was in 9th grade. Since then, her lifelong mission has been to tread lightly and consciously in regards to the effects our daily lives have on each other and the planet. She supports organizations who are like minded in their actions and ways of conducting their lives and businesses.

Judi is owner and lead photographer at Northwest Exposures Photography, and specializes in portraiture, headshots, events (weddings, corporate events, coming of age celebrations, performance, etc.), product and commercial, even aerials. They are Re:Think certified and work both on location and from our studio in the heart of the Fermentation District in the Whit.

Theresa Brand, Board Member








Lane Transit District/Point2Point 

Theresa serves at the Transportation Options Manager for Point2point at Lane Transit District. Point2point is the Regional Transportation Options Program that seeks to encourage the awareness of and use of transportation options when people are traveling to all of their destinations.  Her team of staff lead the Business Commute Challenge, the Oregon Drive Less Challenge and partner in the Valley Vanpool Program (which reduces 2 million miles of driving on Highway 5 each year).

She has a Masters Degree in Environmental Policy and often develops or comments on local, regional and state transportation options policies.  She was a founding member of the Lane Transit District Green Team, then served on the Environmental Systems Management Team and now the Green Dream Team assisting LTD’s efforts to be more sustainable.  She participated in the BRING Re:Think certification process and the ESMS Certification. In addition, she is a Master Recycler and Climate Master. In her spare time, you can find her outside or planning new adventures to view endangered carnivores.

Casey Roscoe, Board Member








Seneca Family of Companies 

Tami Darden, Administrator








Partners for Sustainable Schools/GreenLane SBN

Tami is the Education Coordinator for Partners for Sustainable Schools, a non-profit who works to integrate sustainability education, awareness, and action into Lane County K-12 schools.  She is also the administrator for GreenLane Sustainable Business Network and enjoys interacting with all of the local businesses who support and work towards a sustainable community.  In her free time, Tami is most likely to be found outside in a scenic place.