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Unsure of what’s recyclable and what isn’t or where to take it?  Use this link to the Lane County waste management website to search for items and where they can be disposed of.


Clear Cut or Not?  Understanding Sustainable Forestry

Please click on the link below to view a recording of April’s special event, a guest panel discussing what “sustainable forestry” looks like in practice, and from ecological, scientific, and business perspectives:


Making Your E-Commerce Store More Eco-Friendly (Infographic):


March Luncheon Presentation: Starting Your Own Green Team

Please check out materials related to our March GreenLane luncheon presentation, “Lean and Green Workflow Improvement” from Brion Hurley, a process improvement specialist for RockWell Collins in Wilsonville, Oregon:

PDF of slideshow: please click here.

“Meals Per Hour” Video: please click here.

Brion’s contact information:

You can also review his profile on LinkedIn!


September Luncheon Presentation: Starting Your Own Green Team

Below are links to useful documents that pertain to starting and maintaining a Green Team within your organization:

Forming a Green Team

Green Office Guide

Green Team Guide



July Luncheon Presentation:  Growing for Good: The Local Food Sustainability Movement

Speakers: Leigh Anne Hogue, Director of economic development, Eugene Chamber of Commerce, and Brad Averill, co-owner of Wildtime Foods, founded in Eugene in 1981, presented about how local food and beverage companies support sustainability and the regional effort underway to further advance this critical market segment.  You can access a PDF of this presentation by clicking here.



May Luncheon Presentation:  How Climate Science Impacts the Local Business Climate

Mr. Roger McFadden, an expert on climate impact solutions, spoke about how one person can make a difference to our global environment through acting locally. Attendees learned about what businesses can do to mitigate their impact on climate change, and how and why businesses are aligning their greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets with science and accelerating progress towards a low-carbon economy.  You can access a PDF of this presentation by clicking here.



April Luncheon Presentation:  Northwest Climate Change, Impacts, and Solutions

Dr. Phil Mote, Director of the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute at Oregon State University, gave a presentation addressing these questions: these questions: “What is the real science behind climate change? What are the ‘based on science’ predictions for the future?”  You can access a PDF of his presentation by clicking here.



March Luncheon Presentation: Eugene’s Love Food, Not Waste Commercial Composting Program

Stephanie Scafa and Deveron Musgrave presented about the City of Eugene’s innovative commercial composting program. Learn how businesses in the City of Eugene keep 2.4 million pounds of food per year out of the landfill through the Love Food Not Waste program, and find out how your business can benefit from their experience and by participating in this community program.
Much like other cities in America, Eugene is taking action on diverting food waste from the landfill and into compost production. What is unique about Eugene’s approach is that from the beginning we have designed our program with all partners at the table. We believe our unique relationships between the municipality, commercial compost facility, area haulers, and participating businesses reflect the successes we have had to date. Eugene’s Love Food Not Waste (LFNW) program targets the commercial waste stream, where over 20 million pounds are generated annually. We utilize best practices from across the country to set the service rates and standards, also incorporating local business and consumer focus group results to develop the outreach materials. Program elements include print and digital educational, marketing and training materials (including an interactive map of participants!) The program’s success has occurred due to a comprehensive assistance program that blends financial incentives, education, and training with on-going communications and marketing efforts by the City and partners. Partnership engagement includes on-going activations to ‘tell the story’, highlighting LFNW activities during national and international sporting events, and the success of our bagged compost product.
To view  the presentation PDF, click here .



February Luncheon Presentation:  LTD’s ISO 14001 Certification

LTD’s recently retired General Manager Ron Kilcoyne wanted the organization to develop a sustainability program that would be exemplary in the world of transit. That led LTD to pursue ISO14001 training, development, and implementation. Fewer than 20 transit agencies have received ISO 14001 certification. This achievement has set LTD up to be accountable for achieving sustainability goals by requiring specific chain of action items. Understanding the individual steps that go into completing these action items can lead to success with greater employee engagement and achieving sustainability goals. Allie Camp will be talking about establishing systems within your organization to achieve sustainability goals.  You can view the PowerPoint slides here:  LTD-Greenlane-Presentation-02_03_16.




2016 Bold Step Award Finalists and Winner

GreenLane’s January luncheon featured the finalists for the City of Eugene/Mayor Kitty Piercy’s Bold Steps Award, created in partnership with BRING Recycling’s RE:think Business program.  This year’s finalists included GreenLane members Mountain Rose Herbs, PIVOT Architecture, and the winner, Essex General Construction.  The videos of the finalists can be viewed below:

Essex General Construction

Mountain Rose Herbs

PIVOT Architecture



GreenLane Pre-Luncheon Member Showcase

In an effort to create more opportunities for member businesses to educate us about their products/services, GreenLane is providing table space for up to two members a month to display information about their business during the first half hour of our monthly meeting(11:30AM-12 noon). Each member will get ½ of a table near the entrance of the dining room. It is encouraged that those showcasing their business stay at the table during the networking portion and to return briefly after the meeting has concluded to answer questions. Setup time starts at 11 AM.

Members may showcase their business once a year. To reserve a table space and date, please email Shannon O’Leary at



The GreenLane Board of Directors recently updated the organizational by-laws to reflect current standard practices.  The updated by laws can be viewed here. If you have any questions or comments, please email



Below is a brief video featuring Ocean Robbins, founder of the Food Revolution Network, made for GreenLane’s May 2015 meeting entitled “Uncovering the Power of Your Plate”.



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