PORTLAND, Oregon, Sept. 1, 2018 – Recycling Advocates is partnering with Zero Waste PDX, a local sustainability consulting company, to organize Portland’s first Zero Waste Conference, which will take place on Sunday, 14th of October, 2018 at Taborspace, in Southeast Portland.

With recent changes to international policies restricting foreign imports of recyclable materials, coupled with the need to reduce their contamination levels and a declining global market value for certain recyclables, Oregon’s solid waste and recycling industry is currently facing unprecedented challenges.

The Zero Waste movement aims to provide a solution to this issue by supporting the shift from a linear economy (the “take, make and dispose” model) to a circular economy, where the impact both upstream and downstream is considered in order to lower a product’s negative footprint on the environment. The Zero Waste movement generally relies on the 5Rs principle: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot/compost.

“We are very excited to be hosting Portland’s first Zero Waste Conference,” said Chloé Lepeltier, founder of Zero Waste PDX. “We have a line-up ranging from experts of the recycling industry to leaders of the zero waste movement who will share their knowledge and accomplishments, inspire the attendees to get involved and empower them with the information, tools, and connections to Make Portland Green Again.”

“We have been seeing a growing interest in residents wanting to go beyond recycling, and there are a lot of people embracing and educating others on the ‘zero waste’, ‘low waste’ and minimalist lifestyle”, said Recycling Advocates President, Brion Hurley.

“We want to bring together those leaders in our community that are focusing more on refuse, reduce and reuse, since our recycling options are becoming more challenging. We can have a bigger impact on the environment when we avoid the purchase of a new item, or we are more selective about the packaging and lifecycle impact of that item. These concepts can also be applied at work, as more and more companies are pursuing zero waste, sustainability or benefit corporation certification,” said Hurley.

The Zero Waste Conference is a sustainability learning experience featuring regionally-targeted content and recognized leaders from the community. Tentative topics include zero waste guidelines for businesses, a refresher on the reusable container legislation, how to get to one can of garbage per year, an update on the single-use disposable campaign in Portland, low waste basics, and an expert Q&A panel.

All the proceeds from the event will be donated to Recycling Advocates.

For more information or to register for the conference, see http://www.zerowasteconference.org


About Recycling Advocates:

Formed in 1987, Recycling Advocates is Oregon’s only citizen-based, grassroots group dedicated to engaging people in creating a sustainable future through local efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle.

About Zero Waste PDX:

Zero Waste PDX is a Portland-based organization dedicated to giving businesses and individuals the information, resources and tools to reduce their negative impact on the environment.

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