Hello, Nancy’s Friends –

We are hosting our 9th Nancy’s Recycling Round-up! We share your concern about the changes in recycling rules. While you are all amazing re-users, we have been looking at ways to keep your Nancy’s containers out of the landfill at the end of their life. At this time, we would like to have you join us, for a step in the right direction:

Come visit us, bring your CLEAN Nancy’s CONTAINERS and LIDS (both #2 and #5 plastics)– we will take them to a local facility where they will be made into recycled resin. That resin will then be used to make items such as park benches, flower pots, etc. May Your Culture Live On!

We would all agree that gathering containers is not a forever-after, end-all solution. But we think this is at least a start and the fastest response we can pull off to make a difference, given the challenge that is upon us.

Hope to see you Sunday, January 20th at the Good Earth Home, Garden, and Living Show at Lane Events Center: 796 W 13th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402. You can find us in the lobby by the atrium. Thank you for being an amazing, supportive community- you are an important part of the Nancy’s culture, thank you!

– The Kesey Family and all the folks at Springfield Creamery