April Virtual Presentation: Angie Marzano from Lane County Waste Management discusses recycling “do’s and don’ts” during the current pandemic: Recycling Do’s and Dont’s During the COVID-19 Pandemic

May Virtual Presentation: Todd Edman, founder of BitCork, discusses technology and sustainability shifts following the COVID-19 pandemic: Technology and Sustainability Shifts After COVID-19


August Virtual Presentation: Rachael Ward of Willamette Food & Farm Coalition was interviewed my Theresa Brand, Chair of Greenlane about what is happening locally with our food, and lessons learned. Trends in Local Food & Resiliency… Lessons Learned. 

October Virtual Presentation :Greg Block discusses forest health, reducing wildfire risk, climate solutions, regenerative agriculture, green building and some of the efforts of Sustainable Northwest related to these.  Greg Block – Sustainable Northwest