2020 Video Links

April Virtual Presentation: Angie Marzano from Lane County Waste Management discusses recycling “do’s and don’ts” during the current pandemic: Recycling Do’s and Dont’s During the COVID-19 Pandemic

May Virtual Meeting: One of the first virtual meetings after the pandemic started – members discussing the challenges and successes experienced thus far.

May Virtual Presentation: Todd Edman, founder of BitCork, discusses technology and sustainability shifts following the COVID-19 pandemic: Technology and Sustainability Shifts After COVID-19

July Virtual Meeting: Interview with Brittany Quick Warner with the Eugene Chamber of Commerce

August Virtual Meeting:  Interveiw of Al Hrynyshyn of the Upper Willamette Soil & Water Conservation District

August Virtual Presentation: Rachael Ward of Willamette Food & Farm Coalition was interviewed my Theresa Brand, Chair of Greenlane about what is happening locally with our food, and lessons learned. Trends in Local Food & Resiliency… Lessons Learned. 

October Virtual Presentation: Greg Block discusses forest health, reducing wildfire risk, climate solutions, regenerative agriculture, green building and some of the efforts of Sustainable Northwest related to these.  Greg Block – Sustainable Northwest 

November Virtual Meeting:  Brandi Crawford Ferguson,  Associate Director of Philanthropy for the McKenzie River Trust. Brandi discusses how McKenzie River Trust has pivoted to assist with urgent needs in the McKenzie River Valley and how the Trust is working together with other agencies to help with short and long term recovery.

December Virtual Presentation: City of Eugene 2020 Bold Steps Finalists announced

December Virtual Meeting: a Celebration of the Bold Steps Finalists

2021 Video Links

January Virtual Meeting: Presentation by Andrew Robinson, Coach and Consultant

February Virtual Meeting: Presentation by Emily Jensen with Thinking Tree Spirits

April Virtual Meeting: Trout-Friendly Landscaping with a GreenLane panel of local businesses


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