EWEB is encouraging our customers to take an active role in preparedness for yourself, your family and our community by taking the Pledge to Prepare. Each month throughout 2019 we will feature a new set of tasks aimed at getting you more prepared. Share images of you completing the tasks each month with us on social media or email for your chance to win preparedness prizes.

  • Click here to join the Pledge to Prepare campaign.
  • Once you join the campaign, you’ll receive a monthly email with step-by-step recommendations to help prepare yourself, home and family for an emergency.
  • To help you stay motivated and engaged throughout the year, we will raffle off cool and useful emergency preparedness supplies each month.
  • To be entered in the drawings, just send us a photo of your prep for the month. You can email your photo, post it on EWEB’s Facebook or Instagram page, or tag us on Twitter.
  • In December, we will celebrate your success with a grand prize drawing for a portable solar generator!

EWEB will discuss the Pledge in more detail at our February GreenLane luncheon, and will have additional take-home materials available.  We hope to see you there!