GreenLane Sustainable Business Network (GLSBN) is a membership organization providing education, resources, networking and marketing ideas for Lane County businesses committed to sustainable business practices.

We are a nonprofit, connecting triple-bottom-line businesses, farms, government organizations, nonprofits and social entrepreneurs. We are local business people, professionals, investors, not-for-profit leaders, and government representatives committed to building a more socially, environmentally and financially sustainable local economy.

GreenLane’s Mission: We exist to help organizations be more sustainable.

Member benefits include:

  1. Networking | Educational Meetings | Volunteer Opportunities | Other Community Events: We hold twelve lunch hour educational events a year, four evening networking events, and a variety of other events, including sponsoring local events that support sustainable causes, and volunteering for local non-profits. These events provide great opportunities to learn from others, network and let our members know about your business.
  2. Marketing: promote your green business at our monthly meetings. We offer a five minute member spotlight at most of our monthly luncheons. Join us at ‘local sustainability’ events. Let our members get to know your firm better by offering door prizes or discounts for GreenLane members. Find out about green marketing products and services available in the community. Promote your firm on our website.
  3. Education: We bring in some amazing speakers. Also, our members are smart, and they share their knowledge.

Our members are committed to building a business network that supports sustainability in our community. Every member has his or her own unique reason to be part of GreenLane, but most relate to the following:

  1. A commitment to building a more cohesive and sustainable community and a prosperous local economy.
  2. The development of public awareness about the importance of supporting local jobs, products, businesses and services—making Lane County a greener place to live, and a green destination for the rest of the world.
  3. A commitment to reducing our carbon footprint through a variety of creative and sustainable strategies.
  4. A desire to know and do business with others in the community with similar sustainability goals.