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Paul Schwartzberg, KRVM, Committee Chair
Susan Quash-Mah, Tamarack Aquatic Center
Robin Forster, Feel So Alive
Fred May, Brothers Cleaning Services
Angie Marzano, BRING Recycling
Rex Fox, Northwest Community Credit Union
Casey Roscoe, Seneca Family Sawmills
Brandi Ferguson, McKenzier River Trust



Craig Runyon, PIVOT Architecture, Committee Co-Chair
Mikayle Stole, Committee Co-Chair
Jodi Sommers, Essex General Construction
Doug Furlong, Doug’s Nuts
Kate Parker, Effective Communication Consultants
Jeannine Parisi, Eugene Water and Electric Board
Allen Perkins, Catalyst Technology Group
Shelley Hoose, The Agile Pen
Bob Passaro
Tara Kemp, Kemp Graphic Design
Judi Lamb, Northwest Exposures Photography